miércoles, 7 de febrero de 2007

textured universes

Mixing fine and coarse grind marble with plaster, paper pieces with glue. Dripping, splattering or pouring paint. Or applying it with a rag, a spatula or a paintbrush. Out of these techniques (and adding and subtracting elements over a period of many weeks in the creative painting course), I watched as several worlds slowly emerged. With a longer working time frame, it was more of a crafting experience than a capturing of a moment. Perhaps that is why these feel like small universes more than snapshots -- something into which you can enter and ponder, walk around for a bit and wonder.

lines of whim and poetry

The cleanliness of line against the plain white of a background is something I have always enjoyed. Whispering or declaring itself loudly, I appreciate its simplicity, its innocence. Here I was playing with watercolor pencils, taking pleasure in the way the colors become more intense and fluid when wet, a quality never achieved when using them dry.