viernes, 8 de junio de 2007


Years ago, I felt surprisingly (and beyond my understanding) compelled to draw and paint faces. It was as if there were hundreds that wanted to come out through my hand, and my world was populated with all of these "people" I neither knew nor was conscious that I wanted! A month or two ago, after quite a long period of working with other subjects, this world suddenly asserted itself once again. Before six new canvases, and with the idea of a project based on "nudaveritas" or the "bare truth", charcoal and a minimum of paint began to form eyes and the rest of the features and, after a time of living with these beings, I found they were here to stay. And so, each time I enter the studio, there they are, perched on the easel: companions I didn't consciously search out, but who have nevertheless made a small space for themselves in my world.

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roylaguna dijo...

i love your faces!
Thaks for stay there